Will Dental Implants Match My Natural Teeth?

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Posted: February 24, 2022
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Smiling middle-aged womanMany patients seek out dental implants for their functional benefits. After all, implants can restore your ability to chew, make it easier to speak clearly, and prevent bone loss in your jaw. However, implants offer some impressive cosmetic benefits too. They can blend in seamlessly with your other teeth to create a stunning smile transformation that you will be proud to show off!

It is important to remember that not all dental implants are created equal. They come in different materials and are made using different techniques. Learn about our advanced approach below.

Customizing Your Implants in our Dental Lab

It is rare to find a dental implant center with an in-house lab. We are proud to offer this service to eligible patients because it allows us to provide implant restorations that look natural.

Instead of waiting for off-site technicians — who have never seen your smile in person — to create the crowns for your dental implants, our team designs them right here in our office. Our lab experts use innovative staining techniques to ensure a highly-customized finish every time.

Another thing that sets us apart is the material we use for your crowns or implant-supported bridges. That material is porcelain, which mimics the look of tooth enamel better than other options like porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM). PFM crowns can cause a gray stain-like appearance at the gumline.

Can You Get Teeth Whitening with an Implant?

You can certainly whiten your natural teeth if they become discolored sometime after implant placement. However, there is no way to whiten the dental implant crowns. Fortunately, our crowns are made from a ceramic porcelain material that repels stains and maintains its color. With proper care, your dental implants can maintain their beautiful white appearance for years.

If you want to brighten your natural teeth, visit our dentists for a professional whitening treatment. Some whitening materials can damage your restorations if you are not careful.

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