Mini dental implants provide an effective alternative for people who are not good candidates for conventional dental implants. Smaller in size and diameter, the process for placing these implants is different than the process for conventional implants. In fact, the procedure required to place mini implants is minimally invasive.

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What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini implants are a certain type of implant. They are smaller and thinner than others, about half the size. They tend to be a great option for:

  • People who need a minimal procedure due to other health concerns
  • People who lack sufficient bone beneath their teeth for successful placement of conventional implants
  • People who want to receive their permanent teeth restorations as quickly as possible
  • People who would like a way to secure their unstable dentures

The anatomy of a mini dental implant is a titanium post with a ball portion that extends above the gums. Once the implants are placed, a denture is modified so that it snaps into the implant.

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Mini Implant Cost and Longevity

We know that conventional dental implants are a long-lasting option for replacing missing teeth. Mini dental implants are estimated to be similarly long-lasting. They, too, are placed within the bone, which makes them durable and secure.

Their long-lasting potential means mini dental implants are a great investment. As someone considering how to replace your teeth, you want to know that you are getting a great return on your investment. Questions you should be asking include: How long will they last and for what cost? How does this compare to my other options? Which factors are the most important to me?

Mini dental implants may be more expensive than dentures alone, but they can help. When you visit our practice for a free initial consultation, we will provide you with cost estimates for the treatments you are interested in. We will also verify your insurance, and help you utilize available insurance coverage. If you are interested in applying for a financing plan, we accept various low-interest and no-interest plans through CareCredit and LendingTree. We are happy to tell you more about how to apply.

Discuss Your Options With an Experienced Dentist

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