An In-House Lab For Crowns And Bridges

In-House Crown and Bridge Lab

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Imagine having your dental restorations designed right here in the dental office in just a short period of time while you wait. Aspenwood Dental Associates is pleased to offer patients the convenience of an in-house crown and bridge lab. Select crown and bridge patients can enjoy the convenience of a custom-made restoration without waiting for an off-site lab to get the job done.

Our experienced cosmetic dentists are able to oversee your crown or bridge from the first impression stage to the final fabrication of your new tooth restoration. Call 303-751-3321 to schedule your appointment.

Quality and Convenience

Our in-house crown and bridge lab is one more way we show patients that technology and convenience remain a priority in our dental practice. Our lab experts can apply custom staining techniques and ensure a very customized finish for each crown or bridge we produce.

Our personal lab also allows us to guarantee a high level of quality control. Some people can even enjoy dental crowns in a day with our use of the advanced dental technology E4D CAD/CAM.

Alternative Lab Resources

The majority of crown and bridge cases are good candidates for design right here in our office, but some patients may require a different lab depending on the specifications. Rest assured that all of the off-site labs we use also meet our high standards of quality and affordability. We continue to do business with several dental labs in the Denver and Aurora areas in order to provide the benefit of versatility.

If your crown or dental bridge does not fit the qualifications of our in-house lab, we will match your restoration with the perfect off-site lab based on your unique requirements.

Trust your cosmetic smile makeover to Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center in Aurora, Colorado. We are happy to answer all of your questions about dental crowns or dental bridges during your free, no-obligation consultation. Give us a call at 303-751-3321 for service in Denver, Centennial and nearby areas.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our office