Is Thanksgiving Food Good for Your Teeth?

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Posted: November 15, 2022

man with delicious turkey for holiday dinner with beautiful familyThanksgiving is the perfect time to share a meal with family and friends. You’re probably selecting new recipes to serve your guests or deciding what to bring to that potluck at work. As you narrow down your options, consider their effect on your teeth and gums.

Our dentists in Aurora are here to help you enjoy optimal oral health every day of the year. We’ll gladly provide more information about how certain foods can help (and hurt) your smile. In the meantime, here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes:

  • Turkey: Turkey is a good source of protein. Dietary protein contains a mineral called phosphorous that plays an important role in the health of your teeth and jawbone. If you have a hard time chewing meat, we offer services to help restore your dental function.
  • Cranberry sauce: This tasty side dish usually contains a lot of sugar. Sugar has a direct link to tooth decay. Cranberry sauce also has a deep maroon color that can contribute to tooth discoloration. Plus, it’s sticky and acidic. Eat it in moderation and brush afterward. 
  • Mashed potatoes: Whether you eat them plain or loaded with butter and gravy, potatoes contain beneficial vitamins and minerals like potassium, B6, and vitamin C. However, they have more starch than other vegetables, which is turned into sugar.
  • Sweet potatoes: Yams are a holiday classic. The good news is they are rich in vitamins that keep your gums healthy. The bad news is that you’re most likely to find them served with cavity-causing culprits such as marshmallows and brown sugar this time of year.
  • Pumpkin pie: The vitamin A in pumpkin is good for your gums and tooth enamel. But other pie ingredients, such as sugar and whipped cream, aren’t so smile-friendly.

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