Is a Dental Inlay the Same Thing as a Filling?

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Posted: May 15, 2022

middle aged woman smiling friendlyMany of our patients come to us with tooth decay or damage. Fortunately, a few types of dental restorations can be used to address these concerns. While options such as tooth fillingsdental inlays, and dental onlays are similar, they have unique applications and benefits.

What is a Dental Inlay?

A dental inlay is a type of pre-molded restoration. As its name would suggest, an inlay is bonded to the inner cusps of a patient’s teeth. It doesn’t extend to the outer edges or cusps of the tooth.

Our dental practice offers porcelain inlays due to their durability and aesthetics. Getting an inlay usually takes just one appointment because we use CAD/CAM technology.

When to Choose an Inlay Over an Onlay or Filling

In several situations, a dental inlay is better than a filling or a dental onlay. For example, it’s often the ideal restorative treatment for damage that is extensive enough to require a large dental filling. The problem with large dental fillings is that they have the potential to weaken a tooth’s integrity.

Inlays are also recommended for fixing breaks, fractures, decay, or other issues that are isolated to the inner cusps. If the damage extends to the outer cusps, then a larger restoration called an onlay might be required. All of these solutions are used when the issue is not severe enough to warrant placing a dental crown. If your biting surface matches the descriptions above, an inlay may be the most appropriate method of restoring your tooth and preventing future damage.

We understand that no one likes to hear that they have tooth damage. However, with our modern options for restorative dental care, you can quickly get your oral health back on track. 

Get Treatment Advice in Aurora

Our dentists can determine the best restoration for your specific situation. We will perform a thorough examination that may include the use of digital X-rays and other advanced technology.

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