Five Surprising Ways Colorado Weather Impacts Sleep Apnea

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Posted: January 19, 2017

People in Colorado may have more extreme sleep apnea symptoms due to weather changes. Call (720) 410-5314 to learn how our Aurora sleep apnea dentists can helpSleep apnea is a serious condition that can result in life-threatening complications – and people who suffer from sleep apnea in Colorado often experience an increase in symptoms during our cold and long winters.

Weather related upper-respiratory problems such as congestion can serve to exacerbate sleep apnea symptoms including snoring and difficulties breathing while lying in bed. These symptoms can be made worse by environmental factors such as heavy smog, wood smoke, and other common wintertime pollutants. If you suffer from sleep apnea, now is the best time to call our Aurora office at 720-400-8546 to discuss noninvasive treatment options that can help prevent these symptoms and ensure a restful night’s sleep.

People in the Denver Metro area may experience an increase in sleep apnea symptoms and complications due to weather related issued including:

  • An increase of pollen in the spring
  • An increase of mold in the summer
  • An increase of dust in the winter
  • Upper respiratory infections, colds, and influenza in the fall and winter
  • Increased environmental pollutants during the colder months

Many of the problems people in Colorado experience around sleep apnea are caused by seasonal allergens or cold weather. The latter can causes extended problems for much of the state as colder weather is common from November through April – just in time for seasonal allergies to kick into high gear.

If you struggle with sleep apnea, our Aurora dentists can help. Utilizing the latest in noninvasive sleep apnea technology, we can customize a treatment plan that helps keep airways open year round, allowing you to get a full night’s sleep regardless of the weather. Please use our online contact form or call us at 720-400-8546 to learn more.

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