4 Reasons Why It Isn’t Too Late for Dental Implants

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Posted: April 20, 2021
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The best time to get dental implants was when your teeth were extracted. But the second best time is right now.

Dental implants are able to completely transform your smile because they look and function like natural teeth. Here are four reasons why it isn’t too late for you to consider this well-liked treatment option.

1. Time Isn’t a Deal Breaker

Don’t write dental implants off simply because you’ve dealt with tooth loss for a long time. You may still be a good candidate even if your teeth were extracted years ago.

The same goes for anyone who is missing teeth due to decay, trauma, or infection. It might not matter how long ago you lost your teeth. What matters is that you’re interested in a reliable and comfortable solution.

2. Bone Grafting Can Improve Your Candidacy

It’s important to realize that your jawbone will shrink over time without stimulation from your natural teeth. At some point, you might not have enough bone left for implant placement. After all, implants integrate with your jawbone in order to stay in place.

Even if your bone tissue has shrunk, you may still be a candidate for implants thanks to bone grafting. This procedure can help restore the volume and density of your jawbone.

3. Waiting Can Lead to Ill-Fitting Dentures or Shifting of Your Teeth

For all the benefits that traditional dentures have to offer, they also come with a drawback. Dentures don’t prevent your jawbone from shrinking. And when your jawbone shrinks, your gum ridge will start to do the same.

For that reason, long-term denture wearers often need to have their dentures relined or replaced to maintain a secure fit. Adding support and stability to dentures with implants is a great way to avoid this potential headache.

If you don’t wear dentures and are missing only a few teeth, choosing to leave the gaps can also cause the remaining teeth to shift.  This can lead to spacing issues in the future.

4. Financing and Extended Payment Plans are Available

Research has proven that dental implants are the most cost-effective and longest-lasting way to replace missing teeth. However, not everyone can afford to pay for them outright.

You may have been delaying implant placement until you save up enough money. But immediate treatment is far better for your oral health and comfort. We can help you find a financing solution or extended payment plan that works with your budget.  

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