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Give Yourself the Gift of a Healthy and Confident Smile

Posted: December 15, 2020
The holidays are a time for giving. This year, treat yourself to the gift of a healthy and confident smile. Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center offers a wide range of services to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted. Dental Implants to Restore Aesthetics… Read Full Post

Why Choose a Dental Implant Center With an Onsite Lab?

Posted: August 12, 2020
There are many dental implant centers to choose from these days. So how do you navigate your options and find a practice that can provide the quality, efficiency, and affordability you deserve? Look for places with an in-house dental laboratory. Many dentists rely solely on offsite commercial… Read Full Post

All-on-Four Dental Implant Approach in Denver

Posted: October 10, 2019
One-day dental implant procedures provide the possibility of restoring your smile in a single day. Certain techniques – namely, the all-on-four method – make it possible to place the permanent denture or dental bridge in the same appointment as the dental implant. The only way to know if you are… Read Full Post

Aftercare Tips for Dental Implants

Posted: May 20, 2019
Certain aspects of the dental implant procedure vary by patient, including aftercare instructions. Our experienced dentists in the Denver area tailor the procedure to your needs and goals. You can rely on our team for thorough guidelines in advance, so that you know exactly how to get ready for… Read Full Post

What Happens If You Don't Replace a Missing Tooth?

Posted: April 29, 2019
Tooth loss is not uncommon. It tends to become more common after middle age. In fact, by age 50, the average American adult has lost 12 permanent teeth, according to Harvard Medical School. Typical causes include gum disease, injury and tooth decay. Replacing missing teeth is an important part of… Read Full Post

A Few Common Tooth Implant Misconceptions

Posted: March 22, 2019
The experienced implant dentists at Aspenwood Dental Associates are proud to provide accurate, complete information about tooth replacement options. Below, we dispel some of the common myths and misconceptions related to dental implants. Please contact us with any further questions on your mind.… Read Full Post

Dental Implants in Denver: How They Can Improve Your Summer in 2019

Posted: February 18, 2019
Embarking on the teeth replacement process this winter means you will have the rest of 2019 – including Colorado's iconic summer season – to look forward to with a complete smile. Missing teeth affect your smile, your bite and your dental wellness. Restoring your teeth with dental implants in time… Read Full Post

Tooth Replacement: Dental Implants and Dentures

Posted: November 28, 2018
Tooth loss is common among American adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1 in 5 adults age 65 and older have lost all of their teeth.1 Adults age 75 and older are twice as likely to have complete tooth loss as adults age 65-74. Missing teeth may cause you… Read Full Post

Are You a Dental Implant Candidate?

Posted: October 04, 2018
Dental implants are one of several options for replacing missing teeth. At Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center, our experienced dentists will make sure you know all of your options for restoring your smile. Please take our quiz to learn more! While this quiz provides… Read Full Post

Your Implant Dentistry Results

Posted: September 13, 2018
Perhaps you are considering dental implants and wondering what you can expect in the years ahead. These restorations are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and research has shown implants to be the most cost effective and longest-lasting way to replace missing teeth. At Aspenwood Dental Associates,… Read Full Post