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I have had a partial denture for 35 years. The bottom was always anchored on two or three remaining teeth with wires. They were always loose and painful. When the anchor teeth had to be removed, I chose to have two implants to secure the bottom plate. For the first time in 35 years I can eat an apple without cutting it into small pieces. This is the best denture system ever and installed by the best dentist!
- Jess - Aurora, CO
Having the implants put in in 2005 was the best thing that I have ever done and all of my follow up procedures have been professional with the staff.
- Katherine – Box Elder, SD
Dr. Yaros was more than I had hoped for. He took the time to listen to what I wanted and the problems I had had in the past. I feel like after 45 years I finally have my smile back.
- Joan – Denver, Co
I am glad I have them, (implants), because now I can even eat Bit o’ Honey candy.
- Floyd – Aurora, Co
Next to my husband, who is the love of my life, my implant is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
- Sharon – Salida, Co
Have you ever made a mistake? I did when I decided to get dentures about 3 years ago without doing enough research. I made the mistake of choosing a dentist that didn't know how to help me and it became evident that they didn't care.

After enduring years of not being able to chew most solid food, not being able to speak without feeling as though I had a mouth full of marbles and having to hide my smile, I found Dr. Zeppelin and his staff at Aspenwood Dental.

Dr. Zeppelin has taken the time to listen my past experiences of feeling hopeless about never being able to lead a normal life. I can honestly say that my time spent with Dr. Zeppelin and the entire staff at Aspenwood Dental has dramatically changed my life.

I can't thank them enough for everything they have done for me.
- Michelle, Westminster
Lisa, I’m so-o-o grateful that God led me to you. You took my fears about my dental problems and led me step-by-step to a great outcome. Your patience, skill and generosity was/is the best and much more than I ever expected. At my cleaning last week you received a wonderful compliment for the “nice work” and how “beautiful” my teeth looked. I was so proud!!

Truly Lisa, you made my nightmare a sweet dream.

Thank you, thank you, so much.

- Jeanette - Golden
Went to Aspenwood Dental for the first time yesterday and wanted to let you know I won't be going to anyone else, EVER!! It was kind of an emergency and, have to admit, had called a couple of other dental offices, including the one I've gone to before, with no luck as far as getting in right away. Went on your website, got their number, called and was given an appointment within 3 hours. Saw Dr. Zeppelin and was made to feel as though I was the only patient in the whole office. Vicky and I had a nice chat while I was waiting for the repair to be done and Dolly was not only very friendly but very thorough providing me with a list of fees, etc. A friend who has Parkinson's has been looking for another dentist as hers has retired and, as she's on a fixed income, will definitely suggest Aspenwood to her due to their willing to work with people.

Long story short - thanks for recommending Aspenwood!!!!

Hope you have a good day and rest of the week.
- Clarice – Aurora
After 50 years of lower dentures being ‘on the loose,’ it is an amazing feeling to know the denture is attached. Since getting implants, I have forgotten I even have dentures. WHAT FREEDOM!
- Bob - Centennial, CO
I had appointments with three different implant providers for full mouth implants. Out of all the offices, the staff at Dr. Yaros’ office was the most professional and down to earth. The cost was very, very reasonable compared to the other two. The results are fabulous!!! If anyone is debating whether to spend the money for implants, in my mind it is a very good decision to make spending money on one’s quality of life improving and he or she should lean towards the better quality of life.
- Randy – Kiowa, CO