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I've had my implants 6 months and wish I would have had them years ago. I would recommend them to everyone. Dr. Ron Yaros did a wonderful job. I can even eat apples now!
- C. Chambers Aurora, CO
I am so very grateful that I found Dr. Augustine and Aspenwood Dental Associates.  At the consultation appointment for implants I appreciated that Dr. Augustine gave me options that included saving my lower teeth.  I also liked the fact that I was given all the costs up front and that the treatments were in stages.  Everyone at Aspenwood has been very welcoming, accommodating and never made me feel that they did not have time to address my questions.

The All-In-Four implants have been completed for my upper teeth.  I am extremely pleased with how well they feel, the things I can eat and most of all, how natural they look.  Dr. Augustine did a superb job!
- K. Wright Arvada, CO
I have had a great experience at Aspenwood Dental.  The staff is outstanding.  Dr. Zeppelin explained everything that was going to take place and the final fitting for my denture made me smile without the hurt.  Thank you.  I highly recommend your office to anyone in need.
- Edith – Westminister, CO
I did a lot of research to find a good dentist to get veneers and I'm glad I chose this one.  I received great service, everyone was very friendly.  I'm very happy with the outcome, my veneers turned out better than I expected.
- Sara - Aurora, CO
I’ve been coming to Aspenwood Dental for 30 years because of the integrity of the dentists and the unequaled quality of their work.

When faced with the need for 2 implants, Dr. Yaros evaluated my history and current state of the other teeth.  He provided cost estimates to do implants on a onesie - twosie basis verses replacing all the upper teeth with one piece using only 4 implants.  The cost was about a third of what I would probably pay to do them separately as needed over the next 2-3 years.  Has your dentist made suggestions to get a better result and save you money?

The entire staff at Aspenwood Dental is the best in Denver!  I thank them all for taking care of me and my family.
- Betty – Castle Rock
You asked if I would be interested in giving a testimonial, so here goes....

The older I get the less I'm able to get to the point.  So if you don't have the time or patience to read this, don't. 

When I first came to Aspenwood Dental, my dentist was Dr. Lisa Yaros.  But a change in jobs resulted in a change in dental coverage and choices in dentist, and for years after I kept changing dentist.  I eventually found myself having to make a decision.  I had lost several teeth by now and when I lost a front tooth I had to do something.  I deal with the public and even talk in front of groups.  I was embarrassed to open my mouth and heaven forbid if I ever smiled.  Even if it meant paying out of pocket (and I am not a wealthy man), I knew what I needed to do.  I returned to Aspenwood Dental. 

By now, Dr. Lisa Yaros was Dr. Lisa Augustine.  After the preliminary x-rays and examination, we sat down to discuss my dental health, what I wanted, and what could be done.  Instead of immediately being told of (one size fits all) plan X or Y, Dr. Augustine with x-rays and pictures at hand looked at me and said, "I need to think about this".  I needed extensive work, and the thought that it deserved careful consideration was most comforting.  I have to say I was impressed.  At our next appointment, several options were presented.  The plan we decided on would include almost everything from the dental menu: upper dentures, a bridge, fillings and dental implants.

So we got started.  During one of the procedures, Dr. Augustine brought up a concern I had mentioned when I had been her patient ten years ago.  Let me repeat that.  My last dentist tried to pass off a bridge that didn't match my teeth is size, shape, or color.  I refused this shoddy work and made them redo it.  This is the kind of treatment that kept me out of the dentist chair, and now Dr. Augustine is telling me she remembers a concern I mentioned to her ten years ago!  Let me tell you, that kind of care is special.

I look at dental care as consisting of two parts: the procedure, and the result.  The procedure starts when you walk in the door.  The result comes when you get out of the dentist chair.  Neither can be done well without a trained professional team working together.  I receive that with Dr. Augustine and her team.  When your trust and comfort is so great that you nearly fall asleep in the chair, without sedation,  that is saying something.

I am a grumpy, opinionated, old man who is hard to please.  I am very pleased with Aspenwood Dental.  I'm even smiling again....well, sometimes.
- Tom - Denver CO
Dr. Zeppelin was recommended to me by another patient. I personally hated dental work and was very anxious by the time I first met with Dr. Zeppelin. I was pleasantly surprised by my first encounter. He explained everything to me and reviewed all treatment options. I ultimately chose dentures so I had an opportunity to meet several associates at Aspenwood Dental. I was also able to get in immediately. This was the best decision I ever made and I highly recommend this organization, especially Dr. Zeppelin.
- Deb – Centennial, CO
I would like to testify to the staff and especially to Dr. Yaros.  When I came here, I had been to several specialists and had 4 sets of dentures, of which none fit.  I couldn’t keep them in my mouth.  I was afraid to smile for fear of them coming out.  I didn’t want them in my mouth.  I didn’t want to go out in public.  I was depressed for several years.  My husband was so supportive and he wanted me to have the implants  I was very unhappy when we came here & they completed surgery on my mouth.  My husband was so supportive and he wanted me to have the implants.  Now I feel so much better about myself. 
- Ruth – Alamosa, CO
It is such a relief to have the hybrids and once again have teeth that don’t fall down when eating, talking or blowing my nose!  And to have comfort – no sores on the gums and no sticky adhesives that don’t work anyway!  Also, to be able to brush teeth with a toothbrush again is pure pleasure!  Dr. Zeppelin, thank you for all your patience and extra efforts to find a comfortable workable solution to what seemed to me to be unending problems.  I gave those miserable old dentures to my dog.  He loves them!!!
- Nancy –Centennial
I had Dr. Zeppelin make me dentures after being without teeth for over 10 years. They are extremely comfortable and a perfect fit. I can now eat nuts and corn off the cob. Eating is now enjoyable.
- Simeon – Centennial, CO