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A whiter smile is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to enhance your tooth appearance at our Aurora dental practice. Most people experience discoloration as a result of aging, smoking, or food and drink stains. That is why a brilliant, bright smile is a very noticeable and attractive feature. At Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center, we offer three different types of whitening to suit your needs. After a personal consultation, one of our experienced Colorado tooth whitening dentists will help you choose the method that lets you achieve the perfect shade.

Your Whitening Choices

Teeth Whitening Aurora, ColoradoThere are three very effective ways to get professional results with the skilled guidance of our whitening team: 1) In-office whitening, 2) take-home pre-fabricated whitening trays, and 3) take-home customized whitening trays.

If you are looking for a very powerful whitening system that can improve your color by several shades, the in-office option will deliver the most dramatic results. Both of our take-home options are somewhat less intense, but still produce very noticeable shade enhancement. If you prefer to get results fast, the in-office option may suit you best. If you like the idea of a more gradual change, consider one of our at-home systems.

Opalescence® Xtra® Boost (in-office): During your office visit, you can achieve amazing results thanks to the Opalescence activation process. This option also includes a take-home follow-up kit to maintain your level of whiteness.

Opalescence® Treswhite™ Supreme Take Home System (pre-fab): We will give you a kit that includes pre-fabricated, one-size-fits-all mouth trays to wear once a day. The whitening formula is stronger and more effective than over-the-counter products, so you will see results in no time.

Opalescence® Take Home System (customized): This type of whitening involves customized trays made from impressions of your mouth. Just fill the custom trays with the Opalescence formula and control the amount of whitening at home.

Talk to Our Tooth Whitening Team

You will never know just how bright your smile could be until you visit our office for a free, in-depth consultation with Dr. Yaros, Dr. Zeppelin, or Dr. Augustine. During your smile evaluation, we will ask you to share the aspects of your smile that make you self-conscious. If there are several things you would like to improve, we can design a smile makeover that combines treatments for a smile result that will amaze you. We will explain the benefits of our different whitening options and match you with the treatment we feel can deliver optimal results. Keep in mind that there are alternatives to tooth bleaching, including dental bonding and porcelain veneers.

Our friendly, caring team is here to answer all of your questions about tooth whitening. Simply contact Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center in Aurora to schedule a consultation, and we will help you explore all of your smile brightening possibilities. Remember, our goal is to create beautiful cosmetic dentistry improvements that build confidence and make you proud to show off your smile.




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