Questions about Dental Implants

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What is a dental implant?

Dental implants act as artificial tooth roots placed to support prosthetic teeth. They can be used to support one prosthetic or several in the form of a dental bridge or removable dentures.

Is a dental implant right for me?

That depends on your situation. For many people who have lost teeth, dental implants are the best possible solution. The replacement tooth is as strong and cosmetically matches your natural teeth. At Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center, we take the time to consider your situation in detail and recommend a solution that is ideal for you, taking into account your lifestyle, your budget, and the time you want to devote to getting your results. We will consider whether a dental implant is the best solution for you or whether a dental bridge or dentures might be a better choice.

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How successful are dental implant procedures?

Dental implants are very successful. Overall, more than 95% of all dental implants placed are successful.

How strong will my dental implant be?

After your dental implant has been placed and it has fused to the bone, your dental implant will function and feel like your natural teeth.

How long will my dental implant last?

Your dental implant will last for many years. For many people, dental implants can last a lifetime with proper cleaning and maintenance. Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center is dedicated to helping you get the longest possible life out of your dental implants and will be happy to help you with all of your follow-up care, including dental hygiene appropriate to your implants.

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Why should I get dental implants if I need dentures?

Implant Dentistry in Aurora, ColoradoDentures will allow you to continue eating many foods and provide you with the confidence to smile, but dentures without dental implants for support may not allow you to do everything that you would like. Dentures anchored with dental implants are much more secure in your mouth. Implants will let you eat a wider range of foods, keep your dentures in place without slipping, and help you feel more comfortable in social situations.

Why should I choose Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center for my dental implants?

Dental Implants in DenverAt Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center, all of our dentists have advanced training in placing and restoring dental implants. We are able to oversee all phases of the dental implant procedure, from the placing of the implant, to the final adjustment and securing the prosthesis atop the implant. Our doctors have over 45 years of combined experience placing and restoring dental implants.  Dr. Yaros has over 30 years of experience in placing dental implants and was one of the first dentists in Colorado to begin using them.

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