Questions about Dental Crowns

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What is the difference between a filling and a dental crown?

A tooth-colored filling is a minor general dentistry procedure that is performed primarily to contain small areas of decay on a variety of tooth surfaces. A filling is done in just minutes with the application of a tooth-colored resin that hardens with the help of a special lamp. A dental crown, most often used on teeth that have suffered significant damage or decay, fits over the biting surfaces of a tooth and completely covers the visible part of enamel. Dental crowns are fabricated at our in-house lab, or right in our office with the use of E4D CAD/CAM technology.  

Why do you prefer tooth-colored ceramic crowns for your patients?

At Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center, we provide the best materials that will help restorations weather the wear-and-tear that comes from daily use. We prefer ceramic dental crowns to metal because they look very natural, bond well to enamel, and strengthen and protect teeth for many years.

Are dental crowns an affordable procedure?

Dental Crowns in Denver, ColoradoDental crowns are a more involved procedure than bonding or tooth-colored fillings. If a dental crown is needed to repair structural damage, your insurance may cover part of the cost. If the crown is recommended for cosmetic purposes only, you may not be covered. Our Aurora cosmetic dentists want to make sure our services are affordable to all patients. To help you pay for your dental crown or other procedure, we offer several payment plan options.

Are dental crowns a permanent tooth repair?

How long a dental crown lasts will depend on a few factors. Our experienced cosmetic dentists who have done many crown procedures will be able to create and bond a very high quality dental crown.   You can keep your crown intact by practicing good dental hygiene, scheduling regular checkups, and using caution when biting extremely hard foods. At Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center, we use strong, durable ceramic materials for the creation of dental crowns, and our dentists have a long history of placing successful, durable dental crowns for Colorado patients. 

How can I find out more about the benefits of dental crowns?

You can have all of your questions about dental crowns answered for free during a one-on-one smile makeover consultation with an Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center cosmetic dentist. We are happy to share our dental crown photos with you as we discuss the procedure, the fees, and the results that you can achieve.

Trust your smile to the smile makeover experts at Aspenwood Dental Associates and Colorado Dental Implant Center. With cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental crowns, a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile go hand in hand.  Please contact our team today to schedule your free first visit. 




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