Questions about Dental Bridges

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Is a dental bridge the right option for me?

If you have a missing tooth, or several missing teeth, you may make a good candidate for the dental bridge procedure. For successful, long-lasting dental bridge placement, the underlying jaw bone should be healthy and strong, when you visit Dr. Yaros, Dr. Zeppelin, or Dr. Augustine for your free dental bridge consultation, we will review all of your options for tooth replacement, including dental implants and partial dentures.

Why is Aspenwood Dental Associates a great place to get my dental bridge?

Our dental bridge team has helped countless Aurora, Colorado residents replace lost teeth with lifelike dental bridges. With a commitment to using advanced placement techniques and safe, natural-looking materials, we believe we can provide the best results for our bridge patients. And having our dental bridge lab right here in our office means fewer appointments and wait times for new bridges.

Why is replacing a lost tooth good for my dental health?

Dental Bridges Aurora, ColoradoIt is obvious that replacing a missing tooth will improve the appearance of a smile. But many of our patients do not realize that filling in those gaps is actually a very positive step towards great dental health. Here is why: Missing teeth can lead to a bite imbalance, since the missing tooth is no longer there to fit together with the upper or lower counterpart. The loss of a tooth may also cause teeth near the space to shift out of place, since that foundational support is gone. And finally, a missing tooth can make it difficult to chew and speak with maximum effectiveness. A dental bridge or other tooth replacement procedure takes care of all these problems.

Is the dental bridge procedure painful?

A local anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort during the dental bridge procedure. A dental bridge does not involve surgery (unless an implant is needed), so there is no need for down time or a recovery period after the procedure

How can I see what a dental bridge looks like?

Schedule a free consultation at our Aurora dental practice today. Our dental team would be happy to show you before and after photos of patients who have replaced their missing teeth with custom dental bridges.

For answers to all of your questions about dental implants and other cosmetic dentistry treatments, please contact the experienced Colorado implant dentists at Aspenwood Dental Associates today. Your initial smile makeover consultation is free of charge, and we will work hard to show you why we are the best choice for implants in Aurora.




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